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Zan started performing in South America on tour with his brother Noah, and continues to burn with the same inspired passion as in the beginning. His training has led him far and wide, through twenty countries and across the disciplines of spinning, dance, juggling, music, yoga, circus, martial arts, and acrobatics. Zan's specialty is dazzling fire performances, though he thrives on the challenge of a unique performance for each event, be it day or night. Whatever the occasion, Zan delivers pure entertainment with unforgettable class, style, and grace.

Known for his expertise in the theory and technique of poi and staff spinning, Zan has given workshops around the U.S. and abroad.

Producing and directing the instructional poi DVD series 'The Encyclo-Poi-dia,' sparked his interest in video production, a pursuit which continues to evolove into web videos, documentaries, and DVD creation.

In 2007 and 2008, Zan was involved with Tour Now & Then, a non-profit circus project that brought motivational performance to audiences across North America. The tour's main focus was on children with diabetes, and using performance art to teach them lessons about living successfully with their condition. Zan helped found Tour Now & then, and worked as the projectís Programs Director. He direced the futuristic stage show, and the fusion of its creative and technological elements. In addition to performing on the tour, Zan was Tour Now & Then's video guru, producing and directing their video updates and skill demos.

In 2009 Zan toured Europe doing street performances of fire and contact juggling. He visited the European Juggling Convention to teach workshops and perform.
Now, Zan is focusing on new routines with his partner Aurora to perform during the coming summer season.

Skills: Poi, Staves, Contact Juggling, Nunchakus, Bougen, Aerial Dance, Acrobalance, Club Juggling, Ball Juggling, Palm Rolling, Hand Drumming, Guitar Playing.

Read Zan's firedancing philosohpy: Mastering The Art.pdf

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