Zan has been teaching poi, fire, and flow arts for eight years. He has taught workshops and retreats in a dozen states and five countries. Since releasing the instructional DVD series "The Encyclo-Poi-dia", Zan has been recognized as one of the leading Poi teachers in the world.

    Zan is known for a clear and well-spoken teaching style, and an ability to break down complex movements into digestable pieces. In addition to just the techniques, his classes incorporate body movement and dance with the goal of creating a well-rounded skill set and practice routine.

To see a sample of Zan teaching, watch this Poi tutorial video.
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    Workshop Schedule
    February 2 - 8 and February 9 - 15. Intensive Poi and Staff retreats in Costa Rica

    December 6-8 Pyrotrainia near Murphy's, CA. A full weekend of workshops and training.
    September 12-15 Classes at Pacific Fire Gathering
    July 8-10 Private Poi Retreat in Oregon.
    May 30-June 2 Classes at FireDrums Festival
    May 16-19 Classes at Kinetic Fire Festival

    September 13-16 Classes at Pacific Fire Gathering
    June 15-17 Summer Spin Retreat near Portland, OR. A full weekend of workshops and training.
    May 31-June 3 Classes at FireDrums Festival
    May 10-13 Classes at Kinetic Fire Festival
    April 12-15 Classes at Flame Festival
    March 1-4 Classes and performances at Envision Festival
    January 22 - 28 and January 29 - February 4. Intensive Poi retreats in Costa Rica

    November 4-6 Classes at Florida Flow Fest
    September 15-18 Classes at Pacific Fire Gathering
    April 3-9 Intensive Poi retreat in Costa Rica
    May 12-15 Classes at Kinetic Fire
    May 19-22 Classes at FireDrums

    Here are what participants have said about Zan's retreats:
        “Zan's retreat was nothing short of transformative!”
         “Beautiful and inspirational in my body and soul.”
        “I have learned a lot more than I expected and I'm excited to take it with me to practice and learn more.”
         “All in all, Zan is a true inspiration and I will take another class of his any day.”
        “I was amazed at how quickly I progressed. I gained so much from this course!”
         “I will be talking for weeks about how monumental this trip and this retreat were for me. I will never tire of thinking back on it.”

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