Picture of Noah jugglingA traveler and tireless seeker of adventures, Noah has made it his mission to traverse the globe and spread performance art in every form. From his very first memory of a children’s book about a magical misfit finding his place in the circus, Noah’s life has been a journey of amassing seemingly random skills. In 2004, it became apparent that had he paid attention to the book’s signs when he was four, much time could have been saved finding his life’s true path as an entertainer.

Long before Noah’s Voyage initiated his South America performances, Noah was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes. Throughout the years, diabetes served as a constant reminder of mortality and the importance of giving back to a larger cause and community. Years of serving as Southern Oregon’s Youth Diabetes Ambassador forced Noah to speak publicly and hone his knack for winning over crowds. In 2005, he won DESA’s Athletic Achievement Award, and began using his circus performances as a way to relate motivational messages about living with diabetes.

A self-dubbed “Motivational Performer,” purpose is the cornerstone of what keeps Noah addicted to his audiences. Focused on relating through performance, he and his brother Zan, were able to form Tour Now & Then, a fiscally sponsored non-profit organization that has brought free performances and circus education to thousands of children across the U.S. and Canada for five years.

Noah has most recently been instructing circus and performing with amazing artists in events for Cirque du Soleil, Teatro Zinzanni, Cirque Pacifica, and the HICCUP Circus.

Noah crams as many of his abilities into his shows as possible, creating a cross-pollinated breed of entertainment using: Juggling, Acrobatics, Fire Spinning/Eating, Dance, Clowning, Contact Juggling, Acro-balance, Devil stick, Trampoline, Martial Arts, Baton Twirling, Improvisation Games, Speed Bag, Skateboarding, Pogo-sticking, Unicycling, Slack-lining, Flair Bartending, and Pipe Cleaner Art.

Visit his other webpages at Terminal Circus, www.NoahsVoyage.com, and Tour Now & Then

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