What would you do if you knew that this were your lastday on earth? Do it. People are always planning and working for the future, but have you everexperienced the future? Take your time NOW to live inthe present because the future is an illusion. Allthat will ever exist is THIS MOMENT. This moment isyour whole life, so give it the attention it deserves.Smile, have fun, be happy. Enjoy it NOW. There's only long enoughto spread love. Everyone has a different idea about how to live, dress, and act in society.Only YOU can know what is right for you. Be who you want tobe and do what you want to do, NOW! Be an individual. Showhow you are special. Be creative and spontaneousbecause it's just more fun. Life is a gift, share its goodness withothers. Love all and teach all how to be happy, unique,and compassionate like you! When should you love andteach?

Now! There is only the present moment! Do your partfor a better world by loving and helping to bring others' focus into the NOW.Play your life's song inharmony with the Instruments Of The Now.

We are an orchestra of uniqueness that needs everypart of humanity playing its own spontaneous melody.To attain harmony in a band with so many differenttunes, we must reach a new level of cooperation andconsciousness.

Our logo shows the eye of consciousness opening to part the mouth of ignorance and ego. In between the teeth are the letters "N-O-W".

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