The Instruments of the Now will amaze an audience at any event. We will perform anywhere at any time for the right price. Whatever you're planning, from a party to a stage production, hiring the Instruments of the Now is the easiest decision you'll make. Beyond raw talent, we are professional, punctual, and leave audiences in disbelief. Forget what you thought you knew about fire-dancing. We are a step above, our unique acts including fire weapons battling, acrobatics, and especially Male-Female partner choreography. We take our art a step further by engaging and interacting with the crowd, rather than simply 'presenting'. Trying to find entertainment of the same caliber, delivered with the experience of real professionals is more work than it's worth. Don't settle for less.

Video Samples Don't just take our word for it. Below are video demos of our skills and the types of shows we offer. See them to believe them. We are as comfortable performing our own material as working into an existing show. Contact us directly to custom tailor the entertainment for your next event.

The Instruments of the Now have performed in almost twenty countries, fostering a familiarity with travel, and the international language of circus arts. Our impactful presence knows no borders.

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Glow (UV)   


Owner of Aquila Studios, Sven Jorgensen, says: "I have been performing as a juggler and circus artist for over 18 years in countries all over the world. I have seen countless fire performers. Many fire performers haven't yet figured out that simply twirling fire is not enough to keep an audience engaged. On the other hand, the Instruments of the Now have not only taken the raw skill of their craft to an unsusually high level, they have also devoted great time and energy to developing a show that is ever-changing, dynamic, and engaging for the audience. They know the difference between skill and entertainment and they strive to bring the best of both to their fortunate audiences. They are certainly among the best fire performers available today."

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