Picture of Aurora
Aurora is a contagious spark of vitality. Dance and performance art are only two of many ways she exudes creativity. She entered the world of fire dancing in 2002 and began performing with her brother in 2004, realizing the effectiveness of fire as a microphone. Their presentations were based on interacting with the audience and inspiring participants to realize and share their talents with the world. Since that time Aurora has performed with fire troupes 'The Pyronauts' and 'Liquid Fire Mantra', and at festivals all over the country: Burning Man, Dreamtime, Oregon Country Fair, High Sierra Music Festival, Flipside, and Toast. Over the years, she's accumulated talents as diverse as fire-nunchakus, modern dance, Yoga teacher certification, fire whips, and permaculture teaching.

Her other passions include gardening, dancing with nature, construction with power tools, and interacting with unsuspecting strangers to spread a little light.

Aurora's authentic passion for life is touching and unforgettable.

Props: Poi, Staves, Nunchakus, Hula Hoops, Whips, Contact Juggling Balls, Fans, and Palm Torches.

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