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Just recently, our first-ever Fire Poi Video passed 1,000,000 views on YouTube, making it the internet's most-watched poi video: Click here to watch it now

Zan and Aurora released a short video meant to inspire your practice! It complies 4 years of performance footage and is set to some yummy music. Watch it, second from the top in the Video Gallery.

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Zan has a Facebook page 'Zan Spins' where he posts new videos and news.

Noah has completed an instructional DVD project: a staff and baton DVD set. It has both tutorials and documentary footage. Watch a preview HERE.

We are the creators of the world's best-selling instructional Poi DVD series "The Encyclo-Poi-dia". Take a look:

      There are two volumes packed full of high-quality instructional videos each presenting hundreds of moves. These DVDs are great for poi spinners of all levels looking to improve their skills. Have a look at the video below to see which DVD is right for you.

Click the links below to learn more about either volume of
The Encyclo-Poi-dia, and to watch samples from the DVDs:

The Encyclo-Poi-dia Volume 1

The Encyclo-Poi-dia Volume 2

Here's what some audience members had to say about a recent performance:
"I thought you guys were amazing and hands down the most impressive, entertaining, and beautiful show I have ever seen."
"I wasamazed at the dances, the music, the discipline, and the message ofworking to one's highest potential. Your show is hopeful andinspirational. Thank you!"

Zan now lives with Aurora in Mosier, Oregon between travels and performances. They perform around there home, as well as traveling every year for shows from Portland and San Francisco to Florida and Costa Rica. In summer of 2009, he embarked on a two month street-performing tour of Europe (here's a video!). Noah is living in Hawaii, on the Big Island working on some new performance partner-acrobatic material (video!).

CHECK OUT the instructional poi videos! Click below.

Instructional video cover art

Do you like "The Encyclo-Poi-dia Vol. 2"?     

Instructional video cover art

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